Welcome to St. Paul's!

St. Paul's is a liturgically Lutheran church. That means our worship services have a regular order and are steeped in traditions that go back centuries. However, worship is not stuffy. Worship feels alive and expectant. Traditional hymns are sung, many of which may be familiar and comforting to you. 

The real treasures of St. Paul's are the people. We are proud of our communiy; many of us have grown up in Mount Pleasant, on the Islands, or in downtown Charleston. We realize that many new families are moving into the area and wish to welcome you. If you are interested in finding a church community where you can belong, look no further.

Guiding Principles:
Jesus is Savior and Lord.
God transforms and heals in surprising ways.
Worship, Word, Sacrament and Prayer strengthen our faith.
We joyfully, faithfully & courageously share the good news in thought, word and deed.
We welcome all to join us in God’s work.

Our Mission