You are important because God says so
No matter if you are a first-time guest or you've been here before, you are welcome!

We get it. It's hard to visit a church. There are so many different kinds of churches and church practices. Nobody wants to feel out of place or do something wrong. Well, you don't have to worry about that at St. Paul's. The people of St. Paul's are easy, laid back, and genuinely happy to see you. We know there are some unwelcoming churches out there where nobody even says hello. That's not us. You are important to us because you are important to God. You get the red-carpet treatment. Just be you. We will greet you.

What is it like?

St. Paul's Lutheran has a traditional worship feel with upbeat and positive energy. We sing uplifting hymns, listen to Scripture, hear a children's message, receive a message from the Pastor, join in prayer for our world, and celebrate Holy Communion (which is open to all). Before and after the service there is friendly conversation and laughter. For ease, the entire service is printed in a paper bulletin and also on an overhead screen.

What about my kids?

We love kids. Jesus welcomed them because Jesus did. We have a supervised, safe, and clean nursery available for your little ones. However, children of all ages are welcome in worship too. We are not a church that says children are better seen and not heard. Jesus was born in a barn afterall, with sounds and smells galore. Your children are welcome! 

Where do I park?

St. Paul's has a gravel parking lot behind the church, accessed by the side street, Queen St. There is also parking available in the front of the church on Pitt St. Parking along the sides of the street is permitted, especially on Sunday mornings. Just watch for no parking signs.

What do I wear?

You will literally see everything from flip flops to blazers and sometimes, together. Business casual might be a good description of what most people wear. But, what you wear is not important. You are important.

How can I get connected?

Reaching out to us does not indicate anything more than you desire some information. We will not spam you. In worship, you can fill out a Connect Card located in your pew. Just place it in the offering plate or give it to someone who looks like they know what's going on, and we'll reach out during the week. You can also fill out an e-Connect Card online by clicking the "Connect Here" button below. We look forward to connecting with you!

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