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Maggie DeBenedetto (13) wanted to do something for her community. "I want to help East Cooper Community Outreach (ECCO) help people in our community," Miss DeBenedetto said. She went to work writing letters to local bakeries and hand-delivered them with her dad. Donations were also accepted from church members at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, St. Johannes Lutheran Church in Charleston, and Girl Scout Troop 756. Before the sale, large pink signs went up around the neighborhood, which excited local kids. On the day of the sale, Saturday, June 11, 2022, Maggie's mother and Girl Scout friends set out the table and goods and were warmly welcomed by passers-by. They had a lot of people stop by. "It was so wonderful to see the neighborhood come alive and support a girl's bake sale and a local organization that needs support," her dad said. Even ECCO's own Executive Director happened to be driving by and saw the signs. She stopped and took a picture with the girls. They will be highlighted in next month's ECCO newsletter. When all was said and done, Maggie and her friends raised $770 for ECCO. They had a lot of fun and pledged to plan another bake sale soon.