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A few months back, we started leaving water bottles next to the Old Village tennis courts as a ministry to let people know that we're here and care. The ministry has led to many wonderful conversations with residents and visitors to the community. On this particular Sunday, I had three bags of water bottles ready to go to the tennis courts' big cooler. As I left the church, there on the ledge, waiting for their parents, were these four girls. Knowing that the best way to create a passion for service in kids is to have them participate, I invited them. I asked their mom if their family could meet me at the courts and let the girls place the water bottles in the cooler. Not more than five minutes later, these girls were having a blast picking up the bottles I dumped on the ground (instead of in the cooler), so they could help. I made sure to share with them how people will take a bottle and think about how we cared enough to offer it. Sometimes, showing the love of Jesus only takes doing something simple. I told the girls they had a big part in a much larger story. They were making a difference. As you can see, they had a blast. Their smiles were just as bright as the sun.